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About Us


Hi there, I’m Emma, the managing director and co-founder of Infinite Travel. Some of my past experiences include attending Boryeong Mud Festival during my year in South Korea; dancing through the streets for 7 hours during carnival in Salvador, Brazil; hitch-hiking in sub-zero temperatures in Zhangjiajie National Park, China; dealing with visa issues in Samara, Russia; watching volcanoes erupt in Guatemala, Central America; preparing five-course dinners for up to 20 people during my ski season in the French alps; climbing Mount Fuji (in flip-flops), Japan; enjoying a vodka, gherkin and salami picnic on a frozen river, Ukraine; camping under the stars on deserted beaches in Guadeloupe, Caribbean!

I feel as though travel is in my blood and since my first holiday abroad at ten months old I’ve been hooked! My background is in languages and following my Bachelor’s degree in French, Spanish, Portuguese and German I travelled far and wide teaching English and absorbing what varying cultures have to offer. Living in countries such as China, Spain, Japan, Russia, Brazil, South Korea and the Caribbean provided me with a lot of ‘market research’ which can now be passed on to our clients as hints and tips. Having travelled to so many destinations myself, I understand what makes or ruins a holiday. I therefore always strive to organise holidays for others how I’d like them to run if I was going myself. I know how important flight times and transfer durations can be to having an enjoyable holiday, that whereabouts a chalet is located in a ski resort can make or break your stay (or a limb), that all-inclusive can mean so many different things and it’s worth delving into the specifics of each hotel, that knowing which attractions are best to see on which day/time of day can be crucial, etc. With each and every booking I do my utmost to ensure that the client has the best possible experience based on their budget.

If asked the inevitable “Where’s your favourite destination?” question, currently one place which instantly pops into my head is Barbuda, Antigua’s lesser known little sister. You have to be Barbudan in order to get planning permission to build there so the infrastructure is blissfully limited and most people travel around by bike (you can hire an electric golf cart if you’re feeling lazy though). I spent a perfect afternoon on an entirely deserted Princess Diana Beach, with just the sparkling azure water and sunbleached sand for miles around – pure heaven!

Here are some pictures of the places I’ve mentioned above as evidence!