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If you’re looking for a carbon copy of the Italian mainland, Sardinia will not match your expectations. It may however succeed them with its out of this world Caribbean-like azure waters and white fringed beaches as well as its Spanish and French influences which add a refreshing twist. Sardinia, a large Italian island in the Mediterranean Sea, has nearly 2,000km of coastline to thrill and a mountainous interior crossed with hiking trails. Its rugged landscape is dotted with thousands of nuraghi – mysterious Bronze Age stone ruins shaped like beehives.

Holidays to Sardinia will leave you spoilt for choice. This Mediterranean paradise, most famous for its glamourous Costa Smeralda strip, allures sun seekers with the promise of white gold sands and glittering blue seas. A sailors’ respite, yacht clubs, luxury spas and golf clubs adorn the picturesque coastline of Cagliari in the South – the capital city – with ample spots where you can dine on fine cuisine and sip contemporary cocktails late into the evening.

Further inland, idyllic towns and villages offer historians an insight in the ancient Roman history of the island. For explorers, there is an array of appealing mountain trails to wander, and the unspoilt environment is a haven for nature lovers. In the evenings, join in the local tradition of passeggiata; a leisurely social stroll before settling in for an evening feasting on fresh seafood and local wines. In North Sardinia you will find Santa Teresa di Gallura, a unique town perched overlooking the strait of Bonifacio. Make an early morning trip to watch the sun rise over the rocky shelf surrounded by weather worn granite blocks and witness the sea come to life as the light washes over the calm waves. The view is just as magical as the sun sets. Enjoy a glass of Mirto – a locally produced berry liqueur – overlooking Cala Spinosa as the waves lap against the jagged rocks.

There’s only one golden rule, avoid August. That’s when Italians from the mainland flock to this gem with all of their family in tow, book up all the accommodation, take over the beaches and hog the best restaurants.

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