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Stunning New Zealand

Offering jaw dropping views New Zealand has something for every traveller.
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New Zealand is one of the best places on this planet to visit.

Steve and Rosie Casburn have been to more than 50 countries and New Zealand is their absolute favourite. They have travelled from Cape Reinga at the top of North Island all the way down to Dunedin at the bottom of South Island, so there’s not a lot they can’t tell you about planning a trip to  New Zealand.

The two islands (North and South) together are roughly the size of Britain but there are only about ten per cent of the number of people living there. This means that the roads are empty and the whole way of life is so much calmer. The scenery is simply out of this world. Every time you drive around a corner you cannot help but say “Wow, look at that!” and then you go around the next corner and say the same again and so it continues for your whole holiday.

There is so much to see and so much to do –  In NORTH ISLAND there is Auckland – the City of Sails, where a boat trip around the huge natural harbour is a must. Then there is the spectacular Bay of Islands, with the ‘Hole In The Rock’ boat trip. The magnificent Coromandel Peninsular on which you will find Hot Water Beach – *with the help of our insider information, you can dig yourself a hot water Jacuzzi on the beach because there are the remains of a volcano 200 metres below the sands and hot water bubbles up. It’s easy but only if you know when and how! There are some great mud baths to enjoy in Rotarua and so much more. If beaches are your thing, how about Ninety Mile Beach at the top of North Island, where you can race along the sand in a specially adapted 4 x 4!

In SOUTH ISLAND there is the spectacular Abel Tasman National Park with scenery which will take your breath away. Also at the Franz Joseph and Fox Glaciers you can either walk to the base or take a helicopter ride to the top and go Heli-Hiking with crampons on. The glacier moves two metres a day, so the ice caves you climb through today will be gone tomorrow. The blue/green colour of the ice is a photographer’s dream. Then there are the ‘Sound’s’ – or fjords as we might know them, which simply can’t be missed, especially the famous Milford Sound. Here you can take one of a selection of boat trips or kayak tours and even take the overn ight cruise and see nature’s glory from beneath the stars.  If you add to that the lakes, jet boating, sky diving (if you are that brave) then there really is something for everyone in New Zealand.

We can design the perfect itinerary for you, based on your likes and dislikes, budget and time in the country.

*We’ve just come back from an amazing six week tour of New Zealand and have found even more places to discover and explore, including some really special ones we’d really like to keep just between us and our clients!

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