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North America encompasses a mind-boggling array of landscapes and cultures from the desert of Nevada to the snow-capped Canadian Rockies and from headdress-wearing native Indians to pompom-clad cheerleaders and everything in between. Choosing where to start from the deep South to the second-most northerly National Park on Earth may well be a tough choice!

Diversity abounds in this ribbon of land connecting the North and South of the Americas. Wander among Mayan temples, gaze at smouldering volcanoes, swim among coral reefs, hike through steamy jungles, simply relax on an idyllic beach…or mix and match several in one trip.

Think USA and think so many things… the serenity of the Statue of Liberty, the magic that is Disney, the orange wonder of the Grand Canyon, the spray rising off Niagara Falls. To say you only have to show your passport once and be able to see such a huge variety of landscapes, cuisine, climate and people, the USA definitely offers masses of travel opportunities to suit almost every taste. We’ll be glad to lend a helping hand in putting everything in place to get you to ‘the land of the free’.

As the second-largest country on the planet, it’s no wonder the red maple leaf of the Canadian flag signifies so many things. Winter sports opportunities abound, the scenery will amaze, the cities dazzle and you may even get to practice your school-level French This country put the awe in awesome… get ready to explore!

Sensational sands, mega malls, popping partying and Mayan marvel… viva Mejico! Whether you want to kick back and relax in an all-inclusive resort, party til morning light, tantalise your taste-buds with its famou cuisine or explore ancient wonders of the world, Mexico has the answer: sí señor!

The heart of the ancient Mayan civilization, Guatemala is a true gem offering smouldering volcanoes, enchanting lakes, pastel-hued colonial towns and vibrant markets. You could brush up on your Spanish in Antigua, go water-skiing on what was described by Aldous Huxley as the most beautiful lake in the world, watch the sun sink over the Pacific from one of the quiet black sand beaches, or head into the jungle for all sorts of activities which will get your blood pumping.

The melting-pot of British heritage mixed with Caribbean charm sets Belize apart from its neighbours. Coral is one major talking point here, as Belize’s reef is the second-longest in the world. Marine life abounds and silky sands adorn the hundreds of little islands known as cayes. Surfers will also find plenty of waves just waiting to be ridden in this Central American paradise.

A nature-lover’s dream, Honduras is teeming with wildlife. Pair this with majestic waterfalls, shimmering rivers and even ancient Mayan architecture and you’ve got yourself a stunning destination. Why not take a flight to one of the Bay Islands and see the second-longest reef in the world from above…

Costa Rica often ranks as one of the happiest and healthiest places to live one Earth…. What else is there to say?! Enjoy nature at it’s best exploring rainforests, unspoilt beaches underwater beauties such as giant leatherback turtles. Or indulge your sense of taste with a coffee or chocolate tour! Take a cable car up into a ‘Cloud Forest’, try game fishing or even zip-lining surrounded my monykeys…